South Korean Ginseng seed export ban

A recent development regarding the export of ginseng seed from South Korea in July 2014, has reportedly stemmed from an unprecedented rush by Chinese buyers who procured an extremely large proportion of the available ginseng seed harvest in 2013.

We predicted a tighter control over the ginseng seed market, but are most disappointed that the reaction of Korean authorities has been quite severe and appears to be one made in haste.

The Rural Development Administration (RDA) have effectively managed to shut down the legal export of Panax ginseng seed from South Korea.

We have been in communication with the RDA regarding this matter.
The export of 50g or less of ginseng seed is legal if the seed is to be used for research purposes. Proof of the intended research must be given to the RDA in writing.

In any case, there is no guarantee that authorisation would be granted to export Panax ginseng seed for research purposes.

It is our understanding that Growers/Suppliers found guilty of exporting Panax ginseng seed from South Korea, against this enforceable order, risk heavy fines and a possible five year jail term.

As we do not intend to procure Panax ginseng seed stock from South Korea by covert or illegal means, this disappointing turn of events has for the moment, shut down our ability to supply Panax ginseng seeds for sowing.