Organic grown American Ginseng – Aussie style

organic ginseng

American ginseng grown in Australia using organic methods.

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Great Aussie grown Ginseng

Most successful ‘Australian’ ginseng growers are boutique in their style.

Although this sounds French, growing ginseng in Australia has special considerations and challenges which are uniquely Australian. There are some veteran growers with small plots of beautiful ginseng that is between 9 to 15 years old.
Raising ginseng in a climate that is wet in the cold season and dry in the hot season is no mean feat. This is opposite to ginseng’s natural climate in the northern hemisphere.
Bush fires, floods, possums, wallabies, bush rats, lyre birds and insects add another dimension of care.
Our eucalyptus forests are vastly different to the deciduous forests in the northern half of the world. Our ‘Widow maker’ trees drop branches during times of stress, sometimes squashing ginseng beds and protective enclosures. This can also have the effect of changing the canopy and shade which is essential for ginseng to thrive.
Quality Australian ginseng is a rare commodity, but there are some talented green thumbs out there in the bush who have caught the ginseng bug.
Kim and Liz are Australian pioneers of organic Australian grown ginseng* in Victoria. *(This product is not Certified Organic, but grown without the use of chemical fertilisers or pesticides)
We are happy to bring their fabulous and mature ginseng to your attention.

Benefits of Australian organic grown American Ginseng.
This product is organic grown, 6 to 9 year Panax Quinquefolius – American Ginseng.

Known to improve the immune system, physical endurance, reduce stress, improve metabolism, mental ability and libido. It is said to be an adaptogen, as it’s beneficial effects vary between individuals and adapt to the bodies needs.

American ginseng is cooler in nature to it’s Asian cousin. It gives a feeling of well-being and balance.

Being milder than Korean ginseng, there should be no ill effects when taken continuously.

The taste of American Organic Ginseng
Unique and pleasant aroma, slightly bitter taste.

How much American Organic Ginseng to take..
2 grams of root/ powder per day.

How to take American Ginseng

  • Preparing tonics or extracts.
  • In cooking.
  • Just chew on a piece.

Caution if taking American Organic Ginseng.
Although it is regarded as perfectly safe to take ginseng, you should consult with your physician if you have a serious pre-existing condition, or are on medication. Ginseng can block the effects of certain medications.

Ginseng is not recommended if you are pregnant or breast feeding, or for children under 10yrs.

Half doses are recommended for children 10 to 15 years.


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(Gallery photos Kim Burt & Paul Redding)

Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Dimensions 12 × 4 × 4 cm

Dried whole ginseng root, Sliced, Powdered, Capsules

Ginseng quality

These American ginseng dried products are produced from ginseng grown in the high country of Victoria Australia. This ginseng has been growing for between six and nine years. Although the products are not certified organic, the ginseng has been grown without the use of pesticides or chemical fertilisers. The fresh root has been dried in a special ginseng drying cabinet at a temperature of about 38ºC. The powdered product has been ground by the grower and the capsules are also made by the grower. Packaging by GSSA Tasmania.


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