Panax Ginseng Seeds are unavailable from 20th July 2014 until further notice due to recent changes regarding the export of ginseng seeds from South Korea.

About our Panax ginseng seeds.

Plan ahead and have more success growing ginseng.

Unstratified Panax ginseng seeds are usually first available from around July / early August. The seed is graded. Individual seeds are 4mm or larger in size to give you the most hearty and best quality ginseng seeds.

They are stored in their dormant form for a until the required time to start their stratification.

GSSA ships Panax ginseng seeds around the world. We understand that seasonal changes are completely different between the northern and southern hemisphere.

We work with you to broadly determine the suitability of your chosen ginseng growing location and the timing for your delivery of unstratified or stratified ginseng seeds.

Unstratified ginseng seeds are quite tough and are less likely to be affected by minor shipping delays.

Stratified ginseng seeds are more of a risk when shipping due to possible delays in transit and their storage temperature during this time.

Stratifying ginseng seeds is not a difficult task, but they do need attention throughout the process. (See seed stratification)

Southern hemisphere ginseng seed orders.
As of July 2012 we will be stratifying limited amounts of Panax ginseng seed as stock on hand for those intending to sow in the southern hemisphere. Stratification of these seeds will be timed for spring time planting of the following year.

Northern hemisphere ginseng seed orders.
We prefer to ship unstratified Panax ginseng seed to northern hemisphere ginseng growers for the reasons stated above.

Stratified Panax ginseng seed orders worldwide.
We can stratify ginseng seeds to coincide with the requirements of your season for sowing.

Stratified seeds should be ordered at least four months prior to the requested delivery date. The stratified seeds will require a cold period (2ºC to 4ºC ) of three months after they have been delivered to further develop the seed embryo and break the seed dormancy. This cold period greatly increases the ginseng seed germination rates.

This cold stratification is not performed by GSSA because the seeds may germinate earlier than planned for if they are warmed during the shipment time. The ginseng seeds would also need to be sown immediately on delivery if they had been in the cold stratification cycle, making them difficult to manage.

To absolutely guarantee your supply of Panax ginseng seed, it is necessary to pre-order by June (at the latest) as fresh new season seed stock is only available around July to early August. We have one shipment per year for our limited seed stock.


Stratified Panax ginseng seeds