Stratified Panax ginseng seed

Six good reasons for moist Panax ginseng seeds.

1) Drying the seeds reduces the germination rates.

2) Moist Panax ginseng seeds,  harvested in July and if stratified properly, can be germinated as early as March the following year.

3) The natural stratification of ginseng seeds does not normally involve a drying period.

4) When moist Panax ginseng seeds, kept in the dark and aerated, the stratification process continues.

5) Full stratification of Panax ginseng seeds will take a minimum of seven months from harvest time. Drying the seeds will delay stratification and hence you would miss the opportunity to have your seeds germinate in spring time.

6) Ginseng seeds are recalcitrant. i.e. They can not be stored for extended periods of time and maintain. The longer the storage time, the lower the germination rates.

Allowing unstratified Panax ginseng seeds to dry, is one method to store them for short periods. The seeds would require soaking in rainwater  for 12 to 24 hrs before the commencement of stratification. There would be a considerable percentage of unviable seeds.