This dish is so simple to make and really compliments the unique flavour Korean ginseng.

It is a personal favourite.


  • 1 x medium sized whole chicken.
  • 5 to 10g Korean Red ginseng whole dried root.
  • 5 x dried dates.
  • 1x whole fresh garlic.
  • 5 grams ginger.
  • Spring onion – when serving.


  • Put all the ingredients into a pot.
  • Leave the ginseng root whole.
  • Season with salt and pepper – if desired.
  • Fill with water to a level just higher than the chicken
  • Boil 15 minutes, then simmer until the chicken is tender.


  • Top served meal with chopped spring onion.
  • Add boiled rice.
  • Sprinkle a mix of salt, pepper and (optional) chilli powder to taste.


Samgaetang - Korean Ginseng chicken