• Stratified Panax Ginseng Seed

    Very limited stock!

    Please Note : This batch of stratified Panax ginseng seed will germinate very quickly.

    All that it will require for germination is a five to ten minute soak in rainwater, to be kept moist and be at a temperature of 16 to 20 degrees C.Germination will more than likely be in two to five days. We have tested this batch. After 18 days, more than half of the seeds had sprouted to a few centimetres.


    Regular stratified Panax ginseng seed will be available from June 2014.

    Buying stratified Panax ginseng seed makes life a little easier for you.

    We care for the ginseng seed through it’s warm stratification phase, then inspect, sort and ship the best seeds to you by the fastest shipping method available. The seeds will require a further three months storage at 4C – which is conveniently the same temperature as the inside of your refrigerator should be.

    We do not store the stratified Panax ginseng seeds through the cold stratification period as they need to be sown soon after removal from the fridge.

    The seeds are ready for germination straight after the three month cold storage period at 4C, but need to be observed throughout the cool period for signs of early germination.

    Our stratified Panax ginseng seed price is approximately 20% more than unstratified seeds. This is subject to change with different seed batches.

    Our best quality stratified Panax ginseng seeds are those pre-ordered. We hold slightly back the starting time of the seed stratification to be inline with your seasonal requirements for sowing.

    If you are new to growing ginseng, starting small with a trial planting, will get you used to the characteristics of growing ginseng successfully, without too much effort and expense.

    • Stratified from Panax ginseng seed harvested July 2012.
    • Approximately: 100g = 1,200 x ginseng seeds.
    • Approximately:1 kg = 12,000 x ginseng seeds.
    • Ginseng seed size is approximately 4mm and greater.
    • Germination: Spring 2013.
    • Requires 100 days chill time. (see stratification guide)
    • Please check with us to confirm the necessary stratification time for this seed.
    • 1kg of Panax ginseng seed will plant 480 square meters at 20cm spacing.
      No need to transplant ginseng roots after two years.
    • 1kg of Panax ginseng seed will plant 30 square meters at 5cm spacing.
      2nd year rootlets will require transplanting into beds with spacing of 20cm to 30cm.
    • Country of origin: South Korea.

    Delivery times

    • Your ginseng seeds are quality control inspected before packing.
    • 100g of stratified Panax ginseng seed is generally posted 3 to 7 days after receiving your order.
    • 1kg of stratified Panax ginseng seed usually posts 7 days from when ordered.
    • We all orders are sent by Australia Post.
    • To prevent seeds from being kept at the postal depot for longer periods than necessary, we post packaged orders on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday for interstate customers.


    • Worldwide. (Excluding: Africa, Bangladesh.)

    Link to purchase a phytosanitary certificate

    Changes for Korean ginseng seed purchases from 30th June 2013

    Ordering of stratified ginseng seed stock over 1kg for spring sowing in 2014 will be essential from this year. (30th June 2013). Pre-orders can be made any time up to 30th June. Payment will be required by the end of June for confirmed orders. Delivery of stratified ginseng seeds is three months before the intended month of sowing.

    Phytosanitary Certificate

    For international ginseng seed orders over 500g, you may be required to have a phytosanitary certificate to be sent with the shipment. This is used by your Customs and Quarantine Service to identify the species and cleanliness of the seeds. You should check with your Quarantine Service if it is necessary for you include a phytosanitary certificate. If you do require a phytosanitary certificate, please return to the online store and add this option before check out.